Products & Services

WindPartner provides a range of services to customers within the offshore wind industry including independent Client-integrated tasks and stand-alone projects, defining strategies and attacking technical and operational challenges with an innovative and solution oriented mindset.

WindPartner is involved with technology development and utilization of smart solutions for installation, operation and maintenance based on front end and proven technology.

Offshore Wind Services & Package Provider

  • Ship owning company with main focus on operating a fleet of state-of-the art ESNA SES Daughter Crafts and CTVs with extended wind turbine services

Operation & Maintenance

  • ISM/ISPS/HSEQ Management
  • Technical & Maintenance Management
  • Crew & Personnel Management
  • Commercial Management

Project Management & Project Execution

  • Pre-project
  • Project Execution


  • HSEQ/ISM/ISPS Consultancy
  • Audits, Surveys and Inspections
  • Docking & Modifications
  • Concept & Technology Development
  • Management for Hire
  • Operability studies
  • Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Footprint Analysis

WindPartner are networking and cooperating with complementary companies to enable delivery of larger packages and complex solutions.

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